Why FatCoupon?

FatCoupon grants you access to numerous networks and over 40,000 advertisers concurrently. By registering with us, you bypass the need for individual registrations with each advertiser. FatCoupon consolidates your entire performance marketing endeavors into one platform.

How does FatCoupon work technically?

Once our code is integrated into your website, you can manage your content as usual while FatCoupon automatically tracks external links to advertisers, ensuring you receive commissions for generated sales.

When a visitor clicks on an affiliate link on your page or social media channels, it is routed through our servers. We check for an affiliate partnership between FatCoupon and the advertiser. If a partnership exists, we add tracking information and direct the user to the linked page. If not, users are forwarded as usual, without entitlement to commission. If a purchase is made through an affiliate partner, FatCoupon receives the sale commission information and adds it to your account.

Which web pages cannot join FatCoupon?

Webpages without content, those with sensitive or illegal content, political or religious content, or those not associated with online purchasable products or services cannot join FatCoupon.

Why is there an admission process with FatCoupon?

We maintain high-quality standards to provide additional value to our network, advertisers, and associated agencies. Each publisher undergoes scrutiny to ensure compliance with our standards and our advertisers' quality requirements.

What payment options are available?

Currently, we offer payments via PayPal, ACH, or Alipay transfer.

How much can I earn with FatCoupon?

Earnings vary based on factors like traffic volume, content quality, user engagement, and seasonality. We constantly negotiate with advertisers to secure higher commissions, ensuring publishers benefit from long-term affiliations.

What is the minimum payout limit?

FatCoupon stands out with a $0 minimum payout limit, ensuring publishers can access their earnings without any threshold requirements.

When will I be paid?

Publishers can expect timely payments at the end of each month. FatCoupon processes payments promptly upon receiving funds from advertisers, typically within 60 to 90 days.

Does FatCoupon influence my website's SEO?

FatCoupon has no negative impact on your website's SEO.